Saturday, May 22, 2010


**This is a really long post...didn't realize it until I went back and looked at it!

What a blast we had today at the Warrior Dash! It was crazy crowded, but such a neat festive atmosphere. The weather turned out great after a hazy morning.

Jeff before the race.

Me before the race.

Ax throwing...that's supposedly what real warriors do! Below are just some of the obstacles that I was able to get pictures of before the race.

This is the wall that we had to climb up using a rope. This one was not so bad.

Kinda obvious, but we had to go over these tires after we swam/walked through the lake.

After the tires were the 3 walls to climb over. This was not too bad either. One guy who was beside me busted it on the last one and fell flat! I don't have pictures of a few obstacles because they were back in the woods, but there was a cargo net we had to climb over, some junk cars to get over, run through the forest on a path just wide enough for your foot, a huge mud hill (come to think of it most of the course was muddy) that they kept watered down. I slide on my rear, and Jeff said he kinda surfed down...until he fell in a big mud hole...and lost his shoe...the one with the race time chip attached, so he had to dig it out. He ended up running the last part of the race holding his shoe!

This is the mud if you couldn't tell. We had to crawl under the barbed wire. The guy in camo is just one of the many people that dressed up in a crazy costume!

After the mud bog we got in this lake and had to go over the logs. I chose to roll over them face first, and was able to rinse some of my mud (was completely covered except face) off!

This is the last thing before the finish line. Don't know who this girl is, but she looks cool jumping!


Jeff after

We only trained for the race by doing Crossfit workouts...and I think we were pretty well prepared.

Me after

Check out these Warriors!!!

I think this is called the green sneaker (or maybe shoe) project. They collect shoes, clean them up, and send them to people who don't have shoes.

After the race you can clean up in the lake (which looks muddy to me). We just changed clothes in the parking lot. In the top left of this picture is where we had to run through the lake.

I mentioned that there were all kind of costumes. We were watching runners before our race, and this girl next to us was cheering for everyone. All of the sudden she said "Jesus". Jeff looked at her wondering why she had said this and then looked out and saw "Jesus" running the Warrior Dash (was very funny)...I guess that this is a good reminder that He is everywhere!!!

**We would love to have a bunch of people to do it with next year...any takers???


Jamie said...

I would love to do it next year. Looks fun.

jlindsey said...

Looks like crazy fun! We might be up for it...

dmw212 said...
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our little family said...

this is sooo cool, you warrior!!!!! Seriously so proud of you! loved all the pictures and love the pile of shoes going to those in need. that's the best. thanks for sharing!!!

Debbie said...

That looks like a messy sort of way! You are such an inspiration!