Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Army Party

My Big boy turned 9 in December (23rd), but we decided to wait until after the holidays to have his party. He was so excited about having an army party, and it actually turned out to be pretty easy. You bark orders to the kids and they play along by answering "YES MAM" or "NO SIR", and if they don't you make them do push ups! Maybe we should play army everyday!

We love trick candles. It took him several tries to get these out. The bad part is more spit on the cake...yum, yum!

Designed by L.C. and decorated by me!

Here they are...ready, willing, and able!

Basic smiles soldier...give me 10 more!

We played several games. This was the wounded soldier. They had to pick a teammate and "bandage" them with a whole roll of TP and them put them on a stretcher (towel) and bring them back to the start. This group was smart and picked their smallest (and cutest) player.

Target practice with various (nerf) guns!

Jeff set up a very cool obstacle course in the weight room for them to go through. They each went 3 times with the last time being timed,and they had to carry a nerf gun to hit targets along the way.

The final activity was a secret "mission". Jeff (the commander) made a map of the school that had rooms labeled on it. In one of those rooms was a missing person they had to find. They got to run the halls of the whole school searching. The teams had walkie talkies and communicated with the commander. After finding the missing person they had to return back to the command post with out being hit by a nerf gun dart.

This ended up being a cheap party. I went to the Army recruiter office and they gave me army footballs, pencils, and stickers for the treat bags. My sweet L.C. decided not to have presents but instead asked each kid to bring items to send to our adopt a soldier deployed overseas. We got a bunch of items that I now have to package up and send. Luckily I have a little break until I have to start planning the next Birthday (twins in May), but they have already started talking about it and making plans!


jlindsey said...

Once again you out did yourself! My cute soldiers really enjoyed themselves! See you this Sat?

dmw212 said...

The party was a blast!! You are the best party planner.

Jamie said...

loved the pictures. great party idea. and great job with the cake.