Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day!

We were excited to get a little snow at our house which started on Thursday night. It was just enough to call off school on Friday, but not enough to really play in. On Friday we decided to drive up to Highlands to see if they had any more snow which is usually the case. I wouldn't say they got a much more than we did, but it was certainly colder there. (Not that the 18 degree weather at home wasn't cold). It was about 10 degrees there. All of the lakes were frozen and covered with snow.

There is a place in Highlands, N.C. that we found a couple of years ago to sled. I don't think we are really supposed to be there, but so far we haven't been told to leave. I guess because there is nobody there to tell us to! It is at a state park that seems to be a really cool place in the summer with a lake to swim in and a lot of trails. Every time we go to sled we always say that we need to go back in the summer...maybe we will remember that this summer.

This hill (behind Pipi) is actually a road that leads down to the lake. Hey it works for us!

Hopefully we will get another chance to sled again this winter. The kids had a blast, and did not want to stop despite our freezing toes and their rosy, red, windburn cheeks.

This little girl was such a little snow bunny! I think we are in for a wild ride with this one. She rode down the hill with L.C. and had no fear...I really think the faster the better for her. Doesn't that "Sassy" hat suit her?!

Don't you love this little Angel!
What's funny is you can really tell here how much snow we were playing in.

Check out this "getup". I have to say though, he was the warmest one!


Anonymous said...

How did ya'll manage to stay outside that long? Looks like frostbite to me!! Mom

Leslie said...

We're jealous! We never get anything but our hopes up!!!