Friday, January 29, 2010

It won't be long...

This is what we did tonight after supper, and they were so excited about it! I think because I let them use real tea, and we made chocolate chip cookies. It was the first time the twins had had any tea. We talked with our "British accents", and held up our pinkies. Afterwards L.C. said "That was fun mom." I so love that boy!

I just wish that I could hold on to these little babies and not let them grow up! It won't be long (Luke is getting closer) that they won't have anything to do with us, and will (like all teens) think that their parents are idiots. For now I am going to soak it all up and take lots of pictures because my little brain won't remember it all.

Tonight I walked by Pipi's room and she was laying in bed with her lamp on reading "Counting Kisses" to her babies. She does this most nights. I ran down to get the camera so I could video her, but by the time I got back up there she had finished and turned out her light! Such a sweet pea she is.

Jeff is at a coaches clinic tonight, so I have my precious No-Bo sleeping with me...that should be fun with feet and knees in my back!

Yesterday I was telling the little ones that I had soccer conditioning after school, so I wouldn't be around for the plans they were making. J.J. then said "YEESSS I get to have some Daddy time" Then he asked if it was sour dough bread day(Jeff brings a loaf home every Thursday.)

Oh one more random thought...which I have them all the time. Tuesday someone in our neighborhood (I think the one in charge of the association) stopped by and said that someone else had complained about one of our trees leaning too much. They were afraid that it was going to fall and possibly hurt someone. I think all the rain from this past week caused the leaning tree. Well I guess they were probably right, so 30 minutes before I had my keeno girls over we had a guy here cutting the tree down. I sure didn't expect to drop $100 bucks on a tree when I woke up that morning!! I am so glad now that it is cut down with all the ice we are supposed to get tonight. Such is life!

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