Friday, January 22, 2010

Nothing in common

These pictures have nothing in common. They are just some random things to blog about.

I love it when the kids dress up...especially when they "invent" their own costumes. These are the most recent.

We played twister the other night and had so much fun. I promise the kids did play too!!

Look what's for lunch. I saw this octopus somewhere and thought I would try it. You should have seen them trying to eat it. J.J. ate the head first and then the legs went everywhere.

The little ones convinced me to buy a baby watermelon the other day at the store. I wasn't so sure how it would be in the middle of winter, but it tasted great, and of course for my crew of watermelon lovers wasn't enough. It felt just weird eating watermelon in the dead of winter too. Almost like we were cheating on summer. I think we will wait until then to get another!

Don't you just love this beautiful bowl. It was a Christmas gift this year. It is hand made by an awesome carpenter that I know...Jeff's dad (AKA Ron or Papa)! It looks great on the dining room table that he also made us! He has started a venture in bowl making, and is amazing at what he does. All of the bowls are very unique. He has been making about a bowl a day and will start selling them soon!


Garretts said...

Twister looks like great fun!

The bowl is gorgeous. How neat to have a homemade treasure like that!

dmw212 said...

I think that carpenter is awesome, too. Loved the blog!