Saturday, August 30, 2008

Animals at our zoo

Guess what this is?

Guess where he was?

Guess who had to chase him out of the garage with a stick? These animals are so stupid. He just kept hissing at me even when we were out side. Look at those mean teeth...he was about the size of our kitten. Didn't I tell you we were the zoo!

In case we didn't already have enough animals running around here, we have 2 more sleeping in the house with us tonight. Today when I was running just outside our neighborhood I happened to hear a noise which made me look over. I slowed because I wasn't sure if I heard something or not since I was listening to music. Then 2 precious black puppies came running toward me. Long story short, I couldn't leave them near a busy road, so they are now shacking up with us. It is a boy and girl, and they are precious. Luckily our neighbors let us borrow a crate to keep them in. We haven't decided what to do with them but the kids love them. The puppies just run and chase after them. The cats don't know what to think, but arch their backs and hiss.
Again, this just confirms the fact that we live at the zoo!! The Wilson Zoo!!

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jlindsey said...

ooooh those are cute...looks like you have two new dogs...