Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday nights

This is my husband. This is my husband Friday after school! This is my husband Friday after school at home. This is my husband Friday after school at home during football season!!!!!!!!!!! Many may already know, but he has decided to take some time away from coaching. For his entire life he has always been around and involved in football. Growing up his dad coached football, and he played in high school and in college. Then he went on to coach in college and then at the high school level, so what I am saying is this is a big deal for him not to be coaching. Let me tell you it has been wonderful so far. We have had the best summer ever because there were no camps, and no practices, and no weight room, and no meetings, and no pre-season, and did I say no meetings, meetings, meetings! Tonight the Raiders had there first scrimmage, and we were in Pickens visiting with family! What a change and what a great one.

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Garretts said...

so glad he's enjoying the time off. will you guys be venturing to the games?