Saturday, August 9, 2008

Strange happenings

Okay, let me tell you about the strangest thing that has been happening to us this summer. At the beginning of the summer we left for a week and our neighbor fed the cats. We left the food on the front porch in a big plastic container. Soon after we got home we realized that the box of food as well as the bowl was missing. It was very perplexing, but we just put out another metal bowl to feed them. Several days later it turned up missing. Sooooo we put out another bowl ( you think we would learn to bring it in at night or something. Needless to say we have lost I think 5 bowls. I have been very curious as to what would have taken the big box of cat food and all of the bowls, so we set up a "sting" to get some clues. We decided to put baby powder all around the bowl on the porch to see if we could get some footprints. Let me tell you how relieved I am that they are not human. That would be freaky! Any way the next morning I checked, and the bowl was missing. There were a ton of footprints all around that were big, and also the same prints that were smaller. So we did learn a couple of things. The animal is fairly big, comes only at night, and is not alone. Other than that we haven't a clue. I have looked on line and tried to match up the footprints. The closest one that I see is a bobcat! Just what we need bobcats hanging around. The length of the print is about as long as my finger and it is about as wide as my thumb is long. Anyway take a look for yourself and offer any suggestions. We will try again tonight and see what we get!


Ron Wilson said...

Maybe it is a Liger? Grandma Wilson gave me the link to the blog and I like it! Kristen and I hope all is well.


Jamie said...

OMG. It is bigger than I thought it was. You need to set up a video camera now. scary to know that something that big is lingering around your house.

Katherine said...

I bet you its a lion, a mountain lion that is. Thats creepy! Yall need to be careful with the kids. If it can carry off big bowls full of food then it could easily carry off Riley. Its also not afraid to come to the house, and it knows thats were it gets its food. I would call someone.