Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pure happiness

Could you not just eat this kid up. This picture was taken on the boat ride that Jeff and Katherine took us on our last night at their house. J.J. absolutely loved it. He was smiling like this most of the ride just from pure joy! He is such a sweet, sweet little boy. It is so neat to see how he and Pipi interact now with each other. They are turning into little people, and they now carry on conversations with each other. Tonight as I was getting supper ready Pipi was sitting at the table and had just wiped off her area with a washcloth. J.J. went and got the cloth and started to wash his end. Here is how it went:

Pipi: JJ the table already clean.

JJ: No Ri-Ri(what he calls her) my side still dirty.

Pipi: Oh JJ wipe it up, wipe it up.

JJ: All clean now.

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Jamie said...

what a sweet boy!